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Update May 2023 - The Observer Effect and Textile Art

Amongst the furious balance, I've let the blog here go a little quiet. But I've hit the mid-year break - so here's a brief update:

Two polaroids held in the hand of Megan Kennedy depicting work from her series based on anxiety and creative making

This year I've been working towards gaining my Master of Contemporary Art Practice at the ANU School of Art and Design. My practice-led research is based on the precarious nature and embodied experience of anxiety expressed through textile processes. In natural/rust dyeing, collaging, text-based embroidering and installation, this textile artwork is part of an ongoing undertaking that articulates the processes I perform to mitigate anxiety.

One of the driving forces behind my process is the observer effect - a phenomenon captured in physics. Within this effect, it has been noted that simply observing a situation or phenomenon may fundamentally change it. Based on this theory and my own observations, I realised that by taking deliberate stock of my anxious manifestations through recording, mapping, making and reflection, they seem to abate for a time. Therefore, in making a large-scale series with a direct connection to my own anxious patterns, I hope to therapeutically alter the precarious nature of personal anxious experiences through observation, process, wonder and distraction.


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