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The future is perhaps the greatest unknown. We strike footholds in it, navigating with simple observations. Forsythia is an ongoing series about the unknown and the processes we take to orient ourselves within it. From one to the next, we use tools like observation and writing to augment our understanding. The result is fragmented manifestations that we hope will equip us for unknown futures. 

Observation is the active acquisition of information. Uncut grass, the distance to the moon, ambient colour temperature... By recording incrementally revealed unknowns through intensive embroidery, collected scrutiny evinces concrete examples of experience and perception. 

Embroidering rough lettering into layered bundles of material can be slow and laborious. By the time a single word is complete the nature of the subject may be changed or no longer exist. Yet this is true for all art mediums and speaks to the pace of our changing surroundings, our inability to truly still time and the importance of memory in the face of the unknown.  

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