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Sample Series - Aircraft Departures

An embroidered artwork with the aviation movements at Canberra Airport by Megan Kennedy

A brief record tracking aircraft departures from Canberra Airport on the 2nd of February 2023. From 1425, two unusual visitors to YSCB - a Hawk 127 and a Pilatus PC-21 - marked the initial departures to the northeast, followed by an Airbus A320 and a Boeing 737 each arcing around to the south. An RAAF Super King Air performed a routine touch-and-go, a Saab 340 left for Sydney (YSSY), a Boeing 737 tracked to Melbourne (YMML) and a C-27J Spartan lifted off for Newcastle at 1530.

The visual divergence in flight paths marks practical necessities in terms of weather patterns, destinations, engineering and traffic, as well as the technique of the pilots at the flight deck. These observable junctions map the arteries of aerial navigation, distributed to form fluvial tracks of volitant passage.

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