Photo Diary #38

A black and white photograph of a towel and a plastic Easter egg discarded as trash
A black and white photograph of a soda can buried in black tar

Taken: 28 March 2021

Sydney, Australia

Notes: Human refuse retains a lasting narrative both individually and collectively. Consisting of animal bone, shells, artefacts, ecofacts, botanical materials, excrement and other human bi-products, ancient middens are dispersed across the Earth. These tell-tale signatures of human habitation can often be the only evidence of past populations. Today our artefacts are an augury of plastics and metals, cigarette butts, wrappers, drink containers, bottle caps and grocery bags. A damp waffle-woven towel and half a plastic egg - a vessel for rainwater - serrated edge to the sky. At the edge of the road, a silvery soda can folds into a layer of black tar. Alive in the early morning light, these vestiges take on a new spirit – articulate in their own abandonment.