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Biblio Art Prize Finalist 2021

Artistic response to the airways novel by Jennifer Mills  - biblio art prize blarney books and art megan kennedy

I'm excited to announce I have been selected as a finalist for the Biblio Art Prize held at Blarney Books and Art over the coming months. My series is a response to The Airways by Australian author Jennifer Mills, a book dense with haunting symbolic threads. The following is my artist statement for the work:

The story of The Airways is anchored by an assemblage of distinctive objects and symbols. Oriental lilies, the Beijing Subway network, or the human heart establish a tarot of mechanisms linking and isolating connection, location, and narrative. What impressions take hold as we pass through? Concentrated streams of haunted internal monologue are paired with tangible objective footholds fused with the inevitable projection of trespass, memory, physicality, observation, longing, dislocation, distance, and possession.

I'm grateful for the selection and look forward to seeing the exhibition in person in Port Fairy, Victoria.


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